Sunday, December 06, 2009


The year is coming to a close, and the world approaches the ever futuristic sounding year 2010. With the decade in its closing stages, a strange and disjointed musical era comes to an end, but not before Exploding In Sound returns with the biggest and most triumphant compilation yet… CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. Like the organ system that spreads nutrients our bodies can’t live without, helping fight disease, Exploding In Sound aims to do similar for your musical distribution network with the fourth installment of its acclaimed series. Through the nineteen track Circulatory System compilation, I aim to spread great new music to everyone interested in helping fight the disease that is tired old generic rock. It’s with the spreading of the compilation that we can combat the toxins being force fed to us with truly incredible new music that will prove beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. Featuring new music from some of the greatest independent bands in the world including The Willowz, Rishloo, Constants, Radio Moscow, Irepress, Stomacher, The Boxing Lesson, and many more, Circulatory System is a 100% FREE digital download, containing artwork, band descriptions, links for further enjoyment, and more. With a release date strategically following in the wake of Thanksgiving weekend, I am enormously thankful and humbly gracious for everyone who has helped put this record together, especially the bands, their labels, and management. Without the willingness and cooperation of these incredible artists none of this would be possible, and your cooperation is appreciated and never forgotten. To the fans of the site, thanks for your continued support and I know you'll enjoy what I truly believe to be the most spectacular compilation yet! As always, support the artists and great music will continue to be made. Thanks.

Sharing of the download link is HIGHLY recommended and encouraged to anyone and everyone you think might be interested. As this is a FREE compilation, the goal is to gain the maximum audience achievable, and the power of word of mouth is never underestimated. THE TIME TO LET THE ‘CIRCULATORY SYSTEM’ FLOW HAS ARRIVED… GET OUT THERE AND DOWNLOAD, SHARE, POST, and SPREAD the word to everyone you know. Great music is being made, and it’s up to us, the fans, to deliver it to as many willing listeners as possible. ENJOY!

Special thanks go out to all of the bands, Zachary Howard for his incredible artwork, Ty Griffin (, Lindsay and Joel at The Mylene Sheath, Ben Gram, Craig Cirinelli, Mary Ghaffari, Larry Suglio, Ryan Cano (The Loyalty Firm), Casey Tipton, Alex Mohler, Tony Pennington, Jenny Tuite, Ridd Sorenson, Pete at Ernest Jenning Record Co, my family, friends, and everyone who is supporting the cause. We're only getting started.

- Dan Goldin / Exploding In Sound

Tracklisting and Artist Information:

1. Radio Moscow – I Just Don’t Know (from the album Brain Cycles)

Storming out from Story City, Iowa, Radio Moscow have been making an impressive name for themselves over the past few years with their raucous amalgamation of blues, garage, and stoner rock that shines pure and uncompromising. While comparisons to a heavier version of The Black Keys are inevitable, not too shockingly the band was first “discovered” by The Keys’ Dan Auerbach who produced their debut album. Radio Moscow has made an enormous leap since their debut, with their most recent offering Brain Cycles, a fuzzy, psychedelic, time shifting, jam inducing, freak-out.


2. The Willowz – Repetition (from the album Everyone)

The Willowz have been making great garage inspired alternative rock since the beginning of the decade, with each new record exceeding the previous. As the band ages, so do their musical influences, incorporating elements of blues, soul, Americana, punk, and grunge into a uniquely catchy sonic assault. Richie James Follin (singer/guitarist) oozes with a confident swagger in his voice, and the Willowz eclectic style exudes a raw coolness that can’t be manufactured. Their new album Everyone, a set of ten infectious tracks that will emblaze themselves in your memory, is now available digitally, and will be in stores December 15th.


If you just can’t get enough of these guys (and I know I can’t) be sure to check out Richie and Loren’s (drums) further musical output as Barracks. Their self-titled debut album is available for FREE download HERE!! Similar to their music with The Willowz, Barracks sound is heavier and far more psychedelic. The riffs are explosive and the rhythms pounding with a strong 90’s grunge tonal quality. Be sure to check this out!

3. Ultra Violent Lights – In Lieu of Pay (from the album Here in Filth)

The time to take notice has arrived, Ultra Violent Lights’ debut record is available everywhere, and has been restoring faith in mainstream rock with each new listener. The loaded overdriven guitars, pulsating hypnotic bass, and razor sharp drumming expertly slink through moody shoegaze, new wave, and alternative rock influences similar to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Stylish, filled with memorable hooks, accessible, and yet exceptionally loaded with artistic integrity, Here In Filth, should help make a name for the young band that one can only hope will be around for many years to come.


4. Woolgather – Wind-Up Bird (from the album Programmes: Vol. I - The Pleasure Principle)

Austin, TX has become the ultimate breeding ground for incredible new rock bands, and Woolgather may just be one of the brightest. Their progressive song structures find room for inescapable melodic beauty, crushing layered heaviness, and stunning vocals and lyrics from the extraordinary Casey Tipton. Combining the complex with the gentle, Woolgather’s dark passion is driven by expansive guitar compositions infused with gorgeous pianos and skillfully shifting rhythms. Serene and haunting beauty is never far on their debut, Programmes: Vol I, an album that sits very comfortably alongside progressive art rock luminaries such as Dredg and Wintersleep.


5. Stomacher – Police (from the album Sentimental Education)

San Francisco’s Stomacher built up a strong and loyal following as In Reverent Fear before changing their name, and fine tuning their dark and elegant sound. Their “debut” under the new moniker, Sentimental Education, is the band’s undeniable masterpiece, a stunning collection of beautiful foggy atmosphere and delicate soaring melodies. Massive ocean-sized waves of reverb and delay wash over the guitars, mixing with passionate vocals that would make Thom Yorke jealous, for a simply jaw dropping sound that is equally rich in its artistry as pop sensibility. The big grooving rhythms guide the new wave/post-rock influenced quintet, as Stomacher has created a timeless record that demands repeat listens.


6. The Boxing Lesson – Muerta (from the album Wild Streaks & Windy Days)

Austin’s The Boxing Lesson without a doubt create some of the most epic space rock performed today. Calling back to the glory days of Pink Floyd, the band draw from a wealth of genres including space, progressive, art, indie, and ambient rock, all merged together by their infatuation with swirling moog synthesizers and experimental electronic layering. Since their debut full length, the band has become a duo, due to the unjust incarceration of their drummer Jake Mitchell, arrested for growing marijuana and charged under the Patriot Act as a terrorist. The Boxing Lesson push onwards, readying an EP and full length release for 2010 with the help of their manager, Ryan Cano (The Loyalty Firm), and the support of a rapidly growing fan-base. FREE JAKE MITCHELL.


7. Gift Horse – Missionaries (previously unreleased)

Since the very first note I ever heard Gift Horse play, I knew I was a fan for life. The Athens, Georgia quartet offers an unbelievable mix of 90’s indie rock, grunge, and shoegaze for a sound that honors its influences, but roars with originality. The band’s style can be equally attributed to a love for My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr., with wall of sound blasts of noise riding side by side with carefully constructed melodies and honest hazy vocals. With an exciting year that saw the band storming SXSW to wide-spread praise and touring with the Meat Puppets and Dead Confederate coming to an end, Gift Horse prepare for an even bigger 2010. Their debut album will be released in February, while preparing to head out on a full scale national tour shortly after.

8. Tangents – Fall Asleep Again (from the upcoming album One Little Light Year)

Lush and melodic, seductive and experimental, organic and alternative... Tangents is not what you may expect from a duo containing Derek Kerswill (Unearth/Seemless), but it’s the strengths of singer/guitarist Dave Witham (Flat 12/Of The Hour) that makes this project soar in the vein of Jeff Buckley, As Tall As Lions, or even Radiohead. Witham’s magnificent voice rises over the spiraling sonic backdrop with dazzling control and splendor. Ambitious songwriting creates the catchiest music either musician has released to date, and is sure to turn some heads when the album is released early next year.

9. Constants – Damien (from the album The Foundation/The Machine/The Ascension)

Arguably the best current post rock band in the world, Boston’s Constants offer a crushing rare breed of beauty that pulls its gorgeousness direct from its heaviness. The dense as bricks layering of their The Mylene Sheath debut may very well be one of the best releases of 2009, and for good reason. Constants pummel their songs with monstrous guitar textures that draw from space, prog, art, and especially post-rock. To call these three gents a “power” trio is a vicious understatement, as so much more than sheer power goes into their astonishingly united wall of sound. The time signatures are unique and intricate, the delay effect is vibrant, and most incredibly, the vocal melodies are striking and clear. Progressive post-rock at its absolute finest, Constants deliver equal parts brain and brawn.


10. Bloody Knives – Buried (from the EP Bloody Knives)

When Austin, Texas based shoegaze/grunge band The Joy Bus announced it was breaking up, many people, including myself, were deeply upset by the loss. The fellas didn’t let that last for too long however, as two thirds of the band reemerged as Bloody Knives, a new visceral shoegaze band with a propensity for all encompassing noise blasts and bleeding textures. Preston Maddox’s woozy vocals cut through the rusty storm of guitars, drums, keys, and programming to add contrasting melodic references that will draw you in over and over again. The duo creates a riotous amount of sound, with every nuance carefully placed in the sonic landscape.


11. Rishloo – Downhill (from the album Feathergun)

Seattle, Washington has been in need of a new hometown hero since the decay of the grunge era. If any band is ready to take the city’s musical throne, it’s the mighty, exceedingly creative, and triumphant prog rock champions, Rishloo. Since 2004 the band has been one of the country’s best kept secrets, developing a devout nationwide following while staying underground and true to their visionary music. Beloved for their refusal to compromise, Rishloo have self-released two widely acclaimed albums, and will be releasing the highly anticipated effort Feathergun on December 8th. Never content on repeating their previous work, they continue to push their progressive tendencies ever further with attention to shifting dynamics and rhythms, as well as captivating hypnotic melodies and vocal structures. Signed or unsigned, Rishloo are one of the greatest progressive bands in the country.


12. The Dirty Dishes – Stolen Apples (from the EP In The Clouds)

Buzzing with hype from the local Boston rock scene, The Dirty Dishes have great reason to be excited. Singer/guitarist Jenny Tuite and company play music that can be dreamily ambient one moment and jarringly spastic the next. Their combination of shoegaze, indie electro synth pop, and progressive rhythm structures creates lush whirring backdrops for Tuite’s beautifully slow dripping vocals. Their debut EP, produced by Tuite, Keith Freund of RIBS, and Mike Thomas of SuperVolcano captures the vocals perfectly in the mix, as the band achieves a stunning combination of shoegaze atmospheric gloom and post-punk fury with dreamy pop attitude.


13. Solar Powered People – Melting Ice & Snow (from the album Living Through the Low)

Modesto, California’s space rock collective Solar Powered People hail from the much celebrated school of Failure and Hum influenced bands, adding their own unique take on the subgenre. Strong attention to atmosphere compliments the ringing guitars, floating drifts of layered sound, and expansive walls of effects pedals. The band often pushes itself into a hailstorm of thick guitars, with a sharp rhythm section serving as the backbone; keeping everything in form. Firm yet simple vocals glide through the futuristic arrangements adding catchy sing-a-long melodies that hook into your subconscious and don’t let go.


14. Blind Dog Sky – I’m Comin’ Home (from the album Blind Dog Sky)

The eclectic side project from Satellite Tragedy frontman Ridd Sorenson, Blind Dog Sky takes just about every last thing that was good about the 90’s alternative rock radio and molds it into one genre defying album. What Sorenson may lack in promotional effort, he more than makes up for in his music, whether being influenced by swampy blues, lo-fi slacker grunge, or full blown space rock. Blind Dog Sky demonstrates a clear knowledge of pop music but remains honest and free of the cookie cutter corporate machine. Nothing more than a man with genuine rock songs to sing, Sorenson uses his alter ego as a showcase for his impeccable song writing prowess. Digital copies of the album are available for FREE download HERE!!


15. Blood Warrior – Blood Letting (previously unreleased)

Don’t let the name fool you, Blood Warrior are not a heavy metal band, they’re actually not heavy at all. Spearheaded by Greg Jamie of gothic folk visionaries O’Death, New York’s Blood Warrior draw from the same roots, but with a decidedly more relaxed and psychedelic approach to their music. Old time folk music of the dustbowl era combines with gospel and Americana to create gorgeously dark vocal harmonies, rich acoustic textures, and simple staggering rhythms. The band has been gaining widespread acclaim for their live shows, including a much hyped performance at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. Blood Warrior recently released a limited edition 7”, and will follow up with their debut record on Ernest Jennings Record Co. in 2010.


16. Waxhouse – Ration (previously unreleased)

Hailing from London, Waxhouse are an exceptional new alternative progressive band that should create a big impact in the scene. The band may be young in age, but don’t let that throw you off, their sound is rather mature and tastefully complex. Intricate rhythms coincide with angular guitar flourishes that derive from the same school of thought as Oceansize and Biffy Clyro. Fantastic vocals are what truly set the band apart, and together with their peers in Arcane Roots (another Exploding In Sound favorite), Waxhouse are in no short order for musical talent, ensuring an incredible future lies ahead for the UK quintet. The band will be releasing their debut EP early 2010.

17. Monument To No One – Planetary (from the album Monument To No One)

I’m not sure what it is about Austin, Texas that screams “space rock,” but Monument To No One are the latest band from the prestigious city to burst out on the scene. On their self titled debut, the quartet show their penchant for endlessly walloping guitar feedback and distortion, sharp precision snare work, and hypnotic warping grooves. The guitars shimmer off each other through lengthy compositions, proving Monument To No One’s flair for mind expanding psychedelic exploration that sets them apart from the pack. Their music is raw and corrosive, with treacherous riffs and battering drum fills that drift into another dimension.


18. Emptyself – Just Go On (previously unreleased)

Emptyself is the solo project from the elusive Cire frontman/mastermind Eric Johanson. Originally creating music from his native New Orleans, Johanson relocated after Hurricane Katrina took all he knew to Auckland, New Zealand. His music is incredibly personal and heartfelt, even with much digital manipulation there is still a driving human emotion always present. His voice is powerful and stunning, often reminiscent of Maynard James Keenan, without merely being a cheap imitation. Haunting and steeped in bleakness, Emptyself creates electronic sonic landscapes for his vital and potent vocals to sprawl over undisturbed.


19. Irepress – Adeluge (from the album Sol Eye Sea I)

The epic nature of Boston’s Irepress can best be described as monolithic. The band craft wildly shifting (primarily) instrumental progressive post-rock that delves through multiple genres within single songs, but always remains focused on their unwavering talent and attention to detail. Time signatures are maligned and contorted with their snarling contusion of hardcore, metal, and avant-garde jazz exploration. Sprawling works of art circle around thematic tension and release, consistently building while fluctuating tempos and reverberating guitars pour continuously forward. Irepress have built a solid foundation over the years, and prove to be one of Boston’s hardest working and most intelligent rock bands, looking forward to 2010 with new guitarist Ben Gram (Eroica) joining the ranks and new music in the works.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oh No Not Boston!!!

Oh No! Please don't cancel our show in Boston!
They did.
It is out of our control and we are not going to be allowed to play on December 14th or December 18th. We are sad about this because we were going to play with the Wanda's ...a band we love. Not to mention Boston has the best writers, bloggers and people ever. If you feel so inclined and really want to see us please come to our Providence show. If you can't make it to Providence then we will see you in Boston early next year. We have been promised by our agent that he will make Boston a priority.
We are truly sorry for the cancellation.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lyrics to Repetition

Just so we are on the same page.
Our record came out digitally on itunes last Tuesday.
You can get it right here
There is controversy over our lyrics in Repetition. We are not singing what you think we are singing. We do not sing,"we got no beef with Repeition", although those lyrics are brilliant that is not what we are saying. Our song says, " I got no beat with Repetition". You see the song is about Ted and his "Gold Boys", ( his orange drums).

This song is very simple it's about not having a beat with Repetition. It is not ironic ...we are not having a beef with Repetition we simply don't have a beat with Repetition.

I hope this clears this up for everyone and if you have any lyrical questions please feel free to ask, that's what we are here for.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Get it Get it Get it NOW we are almost sold out!


*Only one submission per person will be accepted.
- Buy The Willowz new album "Everyone" digitally during the first week of it's release (11/17 - 11/23 at Midnight) and email your digital receipt or a screenshot of your purchase confirmation to CONTEST@DIMMAK.COM.
- Include your name, phone number, and address in the email.
- Two winners will be randomly chosen and will receive a Willowz prize pack:
(The Willowz "Chautaqua" album, a signed Willowz poster, and other surprise Willowz & Dim Mak goodies).

- Add a review of "Everyone" on ITunes (or any digital retailer), email us the link/ screenshot of your review, and receive a "Dim Mak Appreciation Gift" from The Willowz and Dim Mak!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is the real Willowz cover????

We don't know anymore.
It took our record so long to come out that the real artwork disappeared and has been bastardized so many times that we don't know what the real artwork is.
We can't show you the original artwork because it does not reproduce digitally because it is not a traditional pantone color. We originally had an all white album cover with Willowz in gold leafing.
Our album is only out digitally today. The physical release is December 15th so we will wait to see what the cover actually looks like. The gold leafing was vetoed along time ago so we don't have any idea what will appear in stores by physical release date.
So far we have had a Robert Longo designed cover that was shot down by the label. Then we moved into an all white with gold leaf logo that was approved by label. Then secondary label shot down the gold leaf. Some how along the way someone created a cover that had a dent in one of the L's. That is not our record cover. Our record cover is lost in space. Just know that if you go to itunes and download a Willowz album under the name of Everyone you are going to have our new album and that is all you can really ask for in these days of the crumbling music industry.
We are really happy with our album. So please go to itunes and get the goods!
Love Willowz

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

7 More Days

It's been a long wait for our record to come out. We finished recording our album last February 1st. We think the album is coming out next Tuesday November 17th. We firmly believe that our album will be available digitally on Tuesday November 17th. We have been informed that there is a "delay" on our physical release and it won't appear in stores until December 17th; right in time for all you last minute holiday seasonal shoppers. We are happy to see this album come out in any way shape or form. We feel Everyone is our best album to date. We are hoping everyone will be able to find our album on itunes or amazon next week. If not let us know and will try to direct you to the right place.

We are also planning a very short tour in December with a few select cities so please so please pay attention or you will miss the dates. We will post our new dates as soon as they let us in on when and where we are playing.

The interesting thing about the music industry is that you have absolutely no control over your life. We are going to refrain from complaining about the music industry or lack of music industry until our next blog.

We would also like to bring to everyone's attention how amazing the trees are in Central Park at this time of year. If you get a chance to sneak onto a roof top at Central Park South and see the autumn blaze of color it is well worth it. You can also sneak onto any roof on Central Park West but it may not have the same rolling effect as a spot on CPS. This gives us the same feeling as some people get from fireworks.

The Willowz

Saturday, November 07, 2009


11/17/2009 8:00 PM at RECORD RELEASE PARTY!!! Willowz DJ set at Home Sweet Home.
131 Chrystie St, Manhattan, New York 10002
Cost: free

Home Sweet Home, this is where we are doing our record release party for our new album, Everyone. We are not playing a "record release" party. We are djing our record and other music that we like. This is our 4th release. We didn't have a record release party for our first album. We had a record release party for our second album, Talk In Circles. That was a really fun record release party although alot of people were disappointed that we had added a fourth member. We also had a dvd release party for our dvd, See In Squares. We had a dvd release party more for the directors than for ourselves. We just lent our music to a 27 visual geniuses and let them do what they wanted to do with our music. This was a night for all the people that worked on the biggest project we have ever attempted and actually pulled off. Chautauqua we had a record release party at Cinespace with the Horrors and Vietnam. That was really fun although Aric smashed a few bottles in the backroom and scared the Horrors. To this day they are still afraid of us. It really wasn't that big of a deal but they are proper Englishmen and we were just kids with a wild guitar player. We are in the age of polite music, polite rock n roll.
In any event our event for our record is going to be a dj party. We are going to be at Home Sweet Home in New York Djing our record not playing our record. It is free and we would love to have all and any of you come and spend the evening with us. It is sure to be a great time. We are happy to DJ our record that almost didn't come out and hopefully will come out on November 17th. We thank Paul Kostabi and Stuart Sikes for making this record possible.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ted Affiliates With BMI

So here it is. An evening with 50% of the Willowz. A day in the life of Loren Shane Humphrey and Richie James Follin. Musicians run into the same hurdles that everyone else run into. Just a little different......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paul Kostabi Giving tour of Goldrush Studios

This is where we write and record our albums. We sometimes spend months on end here.
We took a whole year off from touring to write and record many albums. This is where we write, record, go crazy, do our laundry, eat alot of hummus and bagel chips, drink beer, have lots of BBQ's, Jessica planted a rose bush, Richie planted a blackberry bush, we have Thanksgiving here every year when we aren't touring.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Because It's Fun

Most of our blogs are related to touring. We started playing music at a very early age and everyone told us you have to tour tour tour. Everyone told us we should quit school and tour so we did. We toured before we even had a record out. We toured for the sake of touring. We played music for the sake of playing music. We didn’t understand the concept of playing music for money or for playing music because we had a commercial release. We didn’t care for any of those record industry rules. We just wanted to play our music for people and the only real goal we had along the way was to beat the Ramones touring record of 2000 shows - and you know we beat that record along time ago! Our first tour was in our Jetta all the way around America. These were good times. These were times before Myspace hits and Facebook announcements and tweets on Twitter. We just simply booked a tour on the telephone , sent out posters, got in the car and drove. We would show up at every venue in every town hoping it was really a venue. Sometimes when you book tours gorilla style the shows don’t really exist. The venue might not even exist. We were pretty lucky on this first tour. They all existed with the exception of our very last show we had booked in El Paso Texas. Our second to last show was in Denver Colorado so we had to drive 11 hours to get to El Paso to play a junk yard that didn’t exist. We drove all the way to El Paso to the junk yard and there was no show. That was shitty because we were very tired, we had been on the road for near 3 months. That whole tour was great. We ended up securing Jason from Denver as our booking agent. Jason worked at the venue that we played in Denver. Jason loved us and really saw the potential in us. He fell in love with us from our picture on our tour posters. The tour sort of sucked because we were all only teenagers so we couldn’t go inside any of the clubs until it was time to hit the stage. We would do crazy things on our days off like call up indie record stores and ask if we could play their store. They would say , “sure come on down” !. Of course they would never have mic stands so we would use a broom and tape a mic to the handle and tape the broom handle to a chair and that would suffice. I remember one record store in Myrtle Beach South Carolina let us set up our gear and broom stick and play right in front of their record store. It was awesome!. The coolest guy ran that record store. His name was Michael from a band called Something About Vampires and Sluts. They are a great band . I remember for our winter and spring tours we would use Richie’s grant money to support the tours. We would always sell tons of merch on these tours because everyone wanted to buy our homemade cd and if they didn’t want our homemade cd we would force them to buy one anyway. This was before downloading so we were still able to make a pretty good living on the road. We would spend all our money we made from selling our cd’s and go to every record store in every city in America buying as much vinyl as possible. That is when our record collections grew to astronomical proportions. I must say the only person that we have seen that can beat our collection is Pelle Almquist from the Hives. This has become our new goal, since beating the Ramones touring record we now would like to own as many records as Pelle has in his library.

Oh and please if you are anywhere near Louisianna, Texas, or Oklahoma check the Toadies tour schedule and get to their shows.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Life Is Good

We tour and we tour for long periods of time. We toured for 6 years without even having a booking agent. We actually had a really cool booking agent in the early years. His name was Jason Cotter and he worked for Toast. Things went south when we took him on for a spring tour as our tour manager. That was a really bad move because no matter what we always end up destroying our tour managers. By the time we finish with our tour managers they are just shells of their former selves. Jason didn't book us for much longer after that tour. Anyway we are getting off track here. We tour for long periods of time and this photo of Will represents our last day of one of our very long tours. Our tour manager had finally had enough of us and the last day of tour he tried to take out our guitar player with another stop at Arby's. Will became incredibly sick and was vomiting all night. This was a drag because it was our last night of tour and Will was excited to go to the strippers club in Atlanta. Will was sick but he wasn't about to miss the Clerment lounge with the 72 year old strippers. That night got a little rough. Our tour manager tried to take out our drummer and manager by dropping them off at a crack hotel connected to the strip club. Anyway that is for a different blog. This blog is to focus on what is going on in this photo. Will has recovered from this tour and this trip to Arby’s. He has even been on one more tour since this tour without even one trip to Arby’s. Will is back in school and studying French at a very nice school in New York City. Will lives in Brooklyn and rides his skateboard up and down the streets of Williamsburg frequently running into Jessica hipstering around town. Will eats organic food when he gets the chance. Life is good.

Monday, September 21, 2009


We are thinking about playing CMJ since we will be in New York City.
We prefer to usually sit this one out. SXSW is always fun to play but for some reason CMJ always feels so clinical. CMJ just doesn't work, it lacks the vibe of SXSW. SXSW is Disneyland for the music industry and for the bands. CMJ is too spread out to really be fun. We had one good showcase which was pretty fun when we played with Mooney Suzuki at Rebel. That was a good showcase. The other years they stuck us out at South Paw to fend for ourselves. We are putting together our own festival over Thanksgiving weekend in New York called The Hex Fest. Actually Richie is putting together the festival. It is an ambitious task he has taken on but we think it is going to be really cool. The festival will involve 3 clubs on the lower and lots of nice people we have met over the years in the music industry. Festivals should be festive. Some of the best shows ever have been put on over Thanksgiving weekend such as The Last Waltz. We are going to think of the Hex Fest as the First Waltz.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thinking outloud

We started The Willowz in 2002 or something like that maybe 2003- who remembers because when you spend your whole life touring one day goes into the next and one month goes into the next and the years start rolling into one long year. Even though we are still technically kids we are not really. Because rock n roll years measure differently then normal peoples years. So we are actually older than the other people our age. We are actually older than the rock n rollers that are our age. We were on the cusp of when playing music was still playing music to play music and when playing music became something different. When we first started playing music everyone told us to drop out of school and tour. We dropped out of college to play music and tour. We didn't realize that the whole music industry was going to shut down. We didn't realize that all the magazines would fold. The new rockers of today that are our age stayed in school got their degrees and are now playing music. We skipped college dropped out of school and toured relentlessly for 5 years. Are we any better for it? No! Now to play music you have to have a college education preferably an ivy league education. We grew up in music families. Being from a music family is like belonging to the circus. You travel from town to town and everyone in your family is a freak. Don't get us wrong we are happy to have had the backgrounds we have and we love to play music. We are song people and that's what we do.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Oct 6 Oct 22 Nov10 Nov17

What do these dates all have in common? Each of these dates have been our official release date. We the Willowz do firmly believe that our record is actually coming out on November 17th. Our record company has had to move our release date several times for several various reasons beyond their control. We were told along time ago about a syndrome called "Indie Hell". We were warned about this "Indie Hell" before we ever put out our first record. We experienced this syndrome a little bit on our first record back in 2004 but this is different. Our first record on Dionysus took an extra year to come out but that was really our choice. We couldn't make up our mind as to sign with a big label or keep the publishing and go with the small label. We kept our publishing and went with the small label which was a good choice. We believe that we could be in "indie hell". Sometimes you just get lost in the black hole. If you have never felt what this feels like you can imagine it if you close your eyes and imagine the tornado scene from the Wizard Of Oz. We are going with the flow and just assuming this is part of the whole record industry falling apartthat we keep reading about in the papers. It is actually kind of fun. We love Steve Aoki, Dim Mak Records and everyone that is working so hard for our record and to keep this industry alive.
Anyway we believe our record will be in the stores November 17th.You can download our single at RCRD LBL Also please look for our track on the new Tony Hawk Rides. This video game will have a motion sensing skateboard.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Willowz Corpus Christi

This is our second show on our tour with the Toadies.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tour with the Toadies

We spent 2 months on the road with the coolest band in the entire universe.
Thanks to Todd, Clark, Rez, and Donie.

Toadies Tour - May/June 2009 from ddrive on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our new album Everyone September 22nd

Our new long awaited album, Everyone, will be available to the public on September 22nd.
This is the album we have been working on all year and it was recorded by Stuart Sikes.
We are really proud of the album and we know you will love it because we do.
On another note...we are still on the road with the amazing Toadies so get out to these shows. You not only will be seeing us but you will be seeing one of our favorite bands, the Toadies. Their new album Deliverance is really really good so if you can find a record store go to the record store and buy it. If you can't find a record store since they are all sadly going out of business pick it up on itunes, and of course you can also get it at their shows.
We would also like to recommend that you get out to your local record store and support these stores. We know how easy it is to go to itunes and download but if possible please go to the record store to buy your records. We are sad to see our favorite stores going out of business. We want to be on tour and to be able to stop at our favorite record stores and flip through the records. Anyways this is our favorite passtime and it should be yours also, we hope that record stores stay in business.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Live footage from our shows with the Toadies

The Toadies shows have been going great and we are having a great time touring with these dudes. If you have not had a chance to see these guys then get out and see them, you will not be sorry. Clark from the Toadies shot some footage of us at the Ruston LA. show.
We have been to several cities so far on this tour. We started at Stubbs in Austin which was awesome. We always love to play Stubbs- is there any venue better in America? If so let us know so we can play there. Day two we were in Corpus Christi which was really cool, we have never played Corpus Christi and didn't know what we were missing. These people really love rock n roll so if you haven't been there pack up the kids and plan a weekend in Corpus Christi.
Day three we went back to Austin to stop by Trailer Space Records to play a quick set and eat BBQ made my Pee Wee. Thanks all to came out to see us we had a blast. Day Four was cool because we made it up to Oklahoma City which everyone knows is our favorite city in all of the states. We were excited to see our two favorite people in the world- Jake and Kellan. Following Oklahoma we went down to Ruston La. We ate some of the best Rib Eye known to man. The next night we spent in Shreveport. Perhaps this was the funnest night of the tour. After we played we had a night of Fussball with the Toadies. We followed up Shreveport with Tyler Texas. This show was sold out also and alot of fun. We went swimming at Todd's cousins house after Loren ate some cookies. Tyler was great fun- Travis made a bbq after the show on top of our van. It was cool. We are now on our way to Des Moines. Could be a fun show. We have been going to Des Moines for years and love it!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Willowz are getting ready....

Oh we hate getting ready for tour. Way to many things to do. We have to practice, do our laundry, tie up loose ends, pay the rent, finish unfinished projects, throwout everything in the refrigerator, take the trash out, tell the doorman to collect our mail, change the oil in the van, make sure we have our registration and insurance documentation, pack our bags, decide if we will travel with the trailer or without the trailer, remember to pack our phone charger, our computer charger, decide if Loren will be playing the orange drums, the gold drums, or the fucking brown drums, do we take a sound man, book the hotel rooms, how many hotel rooms? It's a recession! Guess what! The price of gas will reach record highs this week! How do we know? Because every time we head out on tour gas is at a record high! Oh but how we love to tour!!! Touring Touring It's never Boring Boring!!!
Get your tickets early- buy them on line- buy them at the venue but just make sure you come out to see us.
We love you.
The Willowz
fyi this is not our record cover

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We are busy putting together the guts of our album. Yes we already recorded our record and mixed our record and mastered our record. We have turned in our press shots, turned in our bio, turned in our one sheet, we have turned in things that we didn't know we had. We are now hopefully going to get a release date for the record so we can tell everyone when Everyone will be released. In the mean time we are going to be playing in Manhattan on May 1st and then we will be starting our tour with the Toadies....and we are excited about it. Of course we won't be doing the festivals with them but that's okay we will take a detour and head over to the best state in America, yes that is Oklahoma. We will also be playing our favorite records store- trailer Space in Austin so check our tour schedule at our myspace.
We will keep you updated when we know what happens next.
Love always,
The Willowz

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Willowz new trailer and album

We have been so so busy making and finishing our new album and doing all the things that you have to do to release an album. These things have absolutely nothing to do with the album or music but needless to say you have to do them anyway. We had a great time in Dallas making our record with Stuart Sikes and we had a great time working on the album over the past year. Tune in and watch the trailer for our upcoming album Everyone but please be patient it takes for ever and a day to download.
Click here and wait for a very long time!
Love The Willowz

Monday, March 16, 2009


we are in Virginia right now in roanoke. about 2 hours in front of Heidi. trying to keep in front. everyone is in good spirits and excited to get to Austin.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


So here we are the "it recession band"!
We are falling apart but stronger than ever. Jessica cracked her skull open last month, Ted is on crack, Richie's chord forming hand is in a cast, Will is in jail for cheating on his math test but don't worry we will be at sxsw! We can't wait. SXSW will be a first for many things. It will be the first day Richie get's his hand out of the cast. Will will be released from Jail, Ted is getting out of rehab and Jessica should be out of the coma she has been in since she cracked her skull after sliding down the stairs and flying through the window on to the below zero Brooklyn sidewalk. We are cool. We are happy, really happy to be coming back to Austin. We are happy to eat Stubbs BBQ Brisket. We are happy that our record is finished. We are happy that we have a label that loves us since everyone else hates us. We are happy that we have the best fans in the world. We are overall greatful. Who needs money, bring the recession on - we just want to play guitar.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Willowz at Stubbs Live Part I

Here we are in Austin back in September at Stubbs opeining for EODM and our brothers The Hives who we love. We will be heading back to Austin in a couple of weeks for SXSW. We are excited except for the fact that Richie hurt his arm and can't play guitar for another 2 weeks. If anything will make Richie well it is knowing that he will be getting Texas BBQ in a matter of 2 weeks.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Part II of our Grove Of Anaheim show

This is the second part of our Grove of Anaheim show back in September when we were on tour with The Hives and Eagles of Death Metal. That tour was really fun. It was a real honor touring with two of the best rock n roll bands today. Pelle Almquist in our opinion cannot be beat as a front man. The whole band is amazing. The Hives have class and we love them.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Willowz The Grove Anaheim

This was a cool show they treat you really well at this venue. We recommend it to any band. They bend over backwards to make you happy so if you're driving through Anaheim stop and play a show at The Grove of Anaheim.
Love The Willowz

Monday, February 23, 2009

Well the weekend has come and gone. We had our friends Delta Spirit and Dawes in town.
We fought good hard and long over what our album cover will be. We tried to book our hotel rooms for sxsw and we ate beef jerky. We went to Cory Kennedy's party. Some old dudes thought that we looked like Jesus, Peter and Paul. We thought that was pretty funny. After announcing that we looked quite holy they wanted to dress us up in girls clothes. Jessica is starting to hang around with the metal kids in Brooklyn. Kaylie is putting together the making of video. PaPa played last night and we are going to do some shows with them on the East Coast coming up. For any Dios fans out there we are hoping that JP will be joining us on stage for our sxsw shows. It's always a good night when we have a member of Dios on stage with us. We like snow photos.
We love February lighting.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


While we are preparing for our new record to be released this summer we are taking a quick break to play some shows in the best city in the world which you all know is Austin Texas. We will be playing several shows, one being our official showcase at the Parish downstairs on Friday March 20th at midnight. We will also be playing on Thursday the 19th at Trailer Space Records at 6:30 pm, organized by our friends The Strange Boys. Make sure you look for their upcoming release on In The Red Records.
Anyway we will keep you informed of our other shows we may or may not be playing. If you catch one of our shows we will be playing our brand new 10 song album front to back. So if you come to one of our SXSW shows you will be the first and only to hear our new record and let me tell you it is really good.
We love you and you love us! See you in Texas- the home of real rock n roll and dang good bbq!
The Willowz

Friday, February 20, 2009

let the countdown begin

Saturday, February 14, 2009


happy valentines day from your favorite band the WILLOWZ.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

art art art art art

today was "constructive" to say the least. there was some heavy lifting and manual labor going down in the East Village of Manhattan today. we made a hot ass art rack that we are very very proud of but we didn't realize that we completely unorganized all of sweet sweet Heidi's paintings. tell us what you think of it.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I guess we could have worse problems in our band

Chris Brown and Rihanna are sluggin it out with each other, thats normal we all do that. but! mahfukuh got in a 3 hour slow speed car chase in the streets of LA in his Bentley.
sounds familiar

sleep is something we do not know turns out that we have been going about this whole sleep thing completely wrong. We have all become full blown insomniacs, I looked up tips for better sleep and they are exactly what I don't do. Here's the problem, I like the way I live my life but it is also impossible to do anything normal during the day when you go to bed at 6:45 every morning and sleep til at least 3pm. Here are 10 easy sleep tips for the normal world that I will be trying starting tomorrow. wish me luck.

i literally don't do any of these things. i got some changes to make

* Go to bed and get up at about the same time every day, even on the weekends. Sticking to a schedule helps reinforce your body's sleep-wake cycle and can help you fall asleep better at night.
* Don't eat or drink large amounts before bedtime. Eat a light dinner about two hours before sleeping. If you're prone to heartburn, avoid spicy or fatty foods, which can make your heartburn flare and prevent a restful sleep. Also, limit how much you drink before bed. Too much liquid can cause you to wake up repeatedly during the night for trips to the bathroom.
* Avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol in the evening. These are stimulants that can keep you awake. Smokers often experience withdrawal symptoms at night, and smoking in bed is dangerous. Avoid caffeine for eight hours before your planned bedtime. Your body doesn't store caffeine, but it takes many hours to eliminate the stimulant and its effects. And although often believed to be a sedative, alcohol actually disrupts sleep.
* Exercise regularly. Regular physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, can help you fall asleep faster and make your sleep more restful. Don't exercise within three hours of your bedtime, however. Exercising right before bed may make getting to sleep more difficult.
* Make your bedroom cool, dark, quiet and comfortable. Create a room that's ideal for sleeping. Adjust the lighting, temperature, humidity and noise level to your preferences. Use blackout curtains, eye covers, earplugs, extra blankets, a fan, a humidifier or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs.
* Sleep primarily at night. Daytime naps may steal hours from nighttime slumber. Limit daytime sleep to about a half-hour and make it during midafternoon. If you work nights, keep your window coverings closed so that sunlight, which adjusts the body's internal clock, doesn't interrupt your sleep. If you have a day job and sleep at night, but still have trouble waking up, leave the window coverings open and let the sunlight help wake you up.
* Choose a comfortable mattress and pillow. Features of a good bed are subjective and differ for each person. But make sure you have a bed that's comfortable. If you share your bed, make sure there's enough room for two. Children and pets are often disruptive, so you may need to set limits on how often they sleep in bed with you.
* Start a relaxing bedtime routine. Do the same things each night to tell your body it's time to wind down. This may include taking a warm bath or shower, reading a book, or listening to soothing music. Relaxing activities done with lowered lights can help ease the transition between wakefulness and sleepiness.
* Go to bed when you're tired and turn out the lights. If you don't fall asleep within 15 to 20 minutes, get up and do something else. Go back to bed when you're tired. Don't agonize over falling asleep. The stress will only prevent sleep.
* Use sleeping pills only as a last resort. Check with your doctor before taking any sleep medications. He or she can make sure the pills won't interact with your other medications or with an existing medical condition. Your doctor can also help you determine the best dosage. If you do take a sleep medication, reduce the dosage gradually when you want to quit, and never mix alcohol and sleeping pills. If you feel sleepy or dizzy during the day, talk to your doctor about changing the dosage or discontinuing the pills.

does Scientology work?

Heidi got gangrene in her arm, it started falling off 3 days ago but then she found a book about dianetics and focused all her mind power to healing power and now her arm is back. maybe it was the antibiotics, maybe it was luck, maybe it was the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard. But the important thing is that her arm grew back! I think we should look deeper into this Scientology thing and find the truth.

here's a list of famous Scientologists this many famous people can't be wrong.
* L. Ron Hubbard - best-selling science fiction author; founder of Scientology
* John Travolta - actor
* Chick Corea - influential American jazz pianist and composer
* Brandy (Norwood) - R&B singer, actress
* Tom Cruise - actor, movie star
* Nancy Cartwright - voiceover artist best known as voice of "Bart Simpson" on The Simpsons
* Jason Beghe - actor
* Xavier Deluc - actor
* Jason Dohring - actor
* Michael Fairman - actor
* Geoffrey Lewis - actor
* Christopher Masterson - actor
* Danny Masterson - actor
* Haywood Nelson - actor
* Eduardo Palomo - actor
* Jeff Pomerantz - actor
* Patrick Renna - actor
* Giovanni Ribisi - (a.k.a. Vonni Ribisi) actor
* Michael D. Roberts - actor
* Bodhi Elfman - actor
* Jason Lee - actor and professional skateboarder
* Kirstie Alley - actress
* Mimi Rogers - actress (2nd generation)
* Anne Archer - actress
* Jennifer Aspen - actress
* Catherine Bell - actress
* Erika Christensen - actress
* Jenna Elfman - actress
* Katie Holmes - actress
* Kimberley Kates - actress
* Juliette Lewis - actress
* Priscilla Presley - actress
* Leah Remini - actress
* Marissa Ribisi - actress
* Michelle Stafford - actress
* Karen Black - actress
* Kelly Preston - actress
* Kate Ceberano - actress and musician
* Judy Norton-Taylor - actress and musician
* Lisa Marie Presley - singer; daughter of Elvis Presley
* Billy Sheehan - rock and fusion bass player
* David Campbell - musician
* Dave Davies - musician
* Isaac Hayes - musician
* Nicky Hopkins - musician
* Mark Isham - musician
* David Pomeranz - musician
* Rob Thomas - musician
* Patrick Warren - musician
* Edgar Winter - musician
* Beck - singer (a.k.a. Beck Hansen)
* Carina Ricco - singer, actress, composer
* Gloria Rusch-Novello - singer, writer, composer
* Karen Nelson Bell - producer, director and musician
* Robert Zoller - author
* Floyd Mutrux - screenwriter, director, producer
* Terry Jastrow - TV producer and director
* Peter Medak - film director
* Carl W. Rohrig - (a.k.a. Pablo Roehrig) painter
* Franca Cerveni - radio and television announcer
* James T. Sorensen - photographer
* Keith Code - motorcycle racing instructor
* Megan Shields - physician and author of health books, incl. Arthritis: The Doctor's Cure, etc.
* Chaka Khan - singer
* Sonny Bono - singer ("Sonny and Cher"), U.S. Representative
* Mary Bono - widow of Sonny Bono; U.S. Representative
* Heber Jentzsch - President of the Church of Scientology
* Ernest Lehman - screenwriter of The Sound of Music
* Greta Van Susteren - host of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren new show on FOX TV
* Werner Erhard - former Scientologist who founded est
* David Miscavige - important Church of Scientology religious leader; chairman of the board for Religious Technology Center
* Jim Johnson - owner and founder of Mr. Jim's Pizza chain
* Lee Purcell - actress, Big Wednesday, etc.
* Michael Wiserman - Predator 2, etc.
* Gary Imhoff - actor; Thumbelina, etc.
* Manu Tupou - actor and acting teacher; Hawaii
* Dror Soref - director; The Seventh Coin, etc.
* Amanda Ambrose - singer, vocal teacher
* Milton Ketselas - one of Hollywood's most successful acting teachers, who heads the Beverly Hills Playhouse
* Jim Rogers - celebrity producer, manager (ex-husband of Mimi Rogers)
* Linda Blair - actress best known for The Exorcist
* Arnaud Boetsch - tennis player
* Darius Brubeck - musician, member of "Brubeck Band"
* Sharon Case - actress
* Glenn Zottola - trumpeter
* Andrew Loog Oldham - writer
* Dick Zimmerman - celebrity photographer
* Jeffrey Tambor - actor
* Eddie Deezen - actor
* Corin Nemec - actor
* Anita Mally - actress, screenwriter
* Julia Migenes - opera singer
* Lightfield Lewis - actor, director
* Charles Lakes - Olympic gymnast
* Laura Prepon - actress
* Helga Wagner - jewelry designer; dated Prince Charles and Sen. Ted Kennedy
* Deborah Rennard - actress
* Sofia Milos - actress
* Placido Domingo, Jr. - singer
* Robert F. Lyons - actor and drama teacher
* Carolyn Judd - ad writer and producer
* Paul Haggis - screenwriter, story editor, TV producer
* Josele Garza - racing car driver from Mexico
* Lenny Macaluso - musician, songwriter, producer
* Phillipe de Henning - racing driver, fashion designer
* Milton Katselas - acting teacher, director
* Maxine Nightingale - singer
* Mario Feninger - composer and concert pianist
* Jeffrey Scott - script writer, grandson of Moe Howard
* Pamela Roberts - actress, clothes designer
* Elena Roggero - Italian singer, songwriter
* Karen Nelson-Bell - producer
* Lamia Khashoggi - wife of wealthy and famous Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi
* Noelle North - dancer, voice-over actress
* Misha Segal - composer
* Andrik Schapers - singer from Netherlands
* Cass Warner - writer
* Jason Lee - actor ("Chasing Amy")
* Michelle Stafford - actress ("The Young and the Restless")
* Denice Duff - actress ("The Young and the Restless")
* Lynsey Bartilson - actress ("Grounded for Life")
* Tom Fair - (a.k.a. Tom Feher) lyrcist for the 60s rock group the Left Banke
* Moon Martin - rock star; "Bad Case of Lovin' You"
* Clive Clerk - actor, singer
* Jim McMullin - actor
* Michael Wiseman - child actor ("Predator 2")
* Ludwig Fisher - actor and artist
* Ryan Paris - singer, musician
* Michael Schnitzler - violinist
* Peter Winsnes - actor
* Eric Sherman - director
* Peter Schless - composer, synthetisist and producer
* Diana Venegas - beauty queen; Miss Venezuela; lace-gowns boutique in Beverly Hills
* Jackson Sousa - Hollywood celebrity trainer
* Michael Sellers - concert pianist
* Susie Coelho - actress
* Hans Gunter Arenz - race car driver
* Fermin Sanchez - race car driver
* Kit Carson - motorcycle racer
* Al DiMeola - jazz musician
* Janet Greeson - owner of Diet Centers
* Willie B. Wilson - oil billionaire
* Tony Morales - drummer with the Rippingtons
* Hossam Ramzy - North African percussion ensemble leader, played with Peter Gabriel
* Amanda Rice - (formerly "Raven") stripper; previously Kiefer Sutherland's girlfriend

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ted (Loren) Ted cut off all his hair

So........around 6:43am last night i was woken up by someone falling over their bed next to me. it's Ted. but something is different about Ted, what could it be?......he turns the lights on and BAM! his hair is braided. it's still braided and it gave me nightmares. not kidding. I had a dream that I was in a town in Vietnam and there were loads of kids hunting me. i was goin vigilante on their asses though. breakin arms and bustin caps. then I got on a darjeeling limited type train that broke down and all the child murdering fun started again. compound fractures all over the damn place. I'm sorry to anyone who read this hoping it was Willowz related and not just my weird post wake up rambling but I think it's important for anyone to know that if you braid your hair it will give your friends nightmares.
enjoy xoxo

Saturday, February 07, 2009


We just finished recording our 4th studio album with Stuart Sikes. It is in the can now and we are waiting to do what ever it is we are supposed to do while we are waiting for our record to come out.
Richie has recorded a solo album which is coming out April 7th, which he is self-releasing and selling through his website and itunes.
Jessica is trying to finish her album but Richie keeps trying to convince her to add more instruments to her album. Jessica will also be self releasing her record. We don't have a date for Jessica. It will be finished when she says it's finished.
Richie and Loren, (Ted) just finished the Barracks album with their friend Eve.
It is really good. We will give you more info as we are made aware.
Will is busy working on his homework. He is trying to solve the credit crisis in America and in the Willowz.
Anyway our new record is our favorite record to date. We are very happy with it.
We will keep you posted.
If you would like to be added to our mailing list please send your email to

Thursday, February 05, 2009

heavy metal rulez

i can't stop listening to MEtal

the roster is almost full

we are trying to get a tour booked for this spring/summer. playing the game and trying to get the album mastered.

this song should help a bit.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Back to Practice

we are back in upstate new york today for our first practice since recording the album in Dallas. we're also gonna take some pictures in the snow it would be cold for most but Ted is cloaked in red velvet so he will be fine. this song is a good one.

Monday, February 02, 2009

back from Dalla$

we are all finally back from Dallas after 2 weeks of blazing hot tracks. everything sounds amazing and we can't thank Stuart Sikes enough. but now we have to start getting ready for SXSW and preparing our body, minds, and souls for the 4 day hell ride that awaits us in Austin.

maybe listening to this will help