Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our new album Everyone September 22nd

Our new long awaited album, Everyone, will be available to the public on September 22nd.
This is the album we have been working on all year and it was recorded by Stuart Sikes.
We are really proud of the album and we know you will love it because we do.
On another note...we are still on the road with the amazing Toadies so get out to these shows. You not only will be seeing us but you will be seeing one of our favorite bands, the Toadies. Their new album Deliverance is really really good so if you can find a record store go to the record store and buy it. If you can't find a record store since they are all sadly going out of business pick it up on itunes, and of course you can also get it at their shows.
We would also like to recommend that you get out to your local record store and support these stores. We know how easy it is to go to itunes and download but if possible please go to the record store to buy your records. We are sad to see our favorite stores going out of business. We want to be on tour and to be able to stop at our favorite record stores and flip through the records. Anyways this is our favorite passtime and it should be yours also, we hope that record stores stay in business.