Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Willowz on Tour April 2010

We are on a 30 day tour around America. We have not done a long 30 day tour since last summer when we toured with the Toadies which was the best tour we have ever done.
We are out here pounding the pavement in support of our new record, "Everyone".
Our album came out digitally in November and then our label released the CD one month later in December.
Yes we think that this is a weird way of doing things also. We released our album digitally in November which is the absolute worse time to release an album unless of course it is December which is when we released our CD. We did a couple of dates with our friends Delta Spirit and a small 1 week tour on our own. There is not a lot of touring going on at Christmas time but our mini tour was fun. Our guitar player could not tour with us so our friend James came out on the road with was fun.
So here we are out touring America. We have so far hit Chicago, St. Louis, and Memphis. Three of the best cities in America. We would like to say thanks to all the great fans that have come out to support us at these shows. It means so much to us. It was really great to see all our old friends in Memphis. We had people at this show from back when we used to play Murphys.
We have many dates coming up and we look forward to seeing all of our old friends and fans at the shows and we look forward to hopefully seeing lots of new faces.

Love The Willowz

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Willowz and Delta Sprit last night

The Delta Spirit + The Willowz = True Love
We just spent the past 2 weeks touring with our old friends the Delta Spirit. A grand time was had by all. The first week started off in Cambridge moving into Philly stopping off in DC and swinging it back up to New York City and then heading over the Manhattan Bridge to Union Hall. We took the weekend off to watch the super bowl and then we repeated the whole itinerary again for the second week. We had a great time and we had lots of adventure. Like the night of the big snow storm. Driving from Philly to New York after the show was one of the scariest drives ever. In DC the valet attendant wrapped our van around a poll and promised us a free hotel for the next week but only the show got cancelled because DC shut down for the storm. DC is not built for snow storms. That’s the thing about New Yorkers, they party rain snow or sunshine. The clubs are always full no matter what kind of hurricane, monsoon, or blizzard comes their way. We would like to thank all of our fans that made it to our shows and all of Delta Spirits very generous fans. We are sorry to DC for having to cancel because DC is truly one of the best cities to play. Everyone in DC really appreciates music and we love that. We would like to thank The Delta Spirit for taking us out with them and we would like to wish them luck with their amazing new record. The Delta Spirit…..the best live band in America!
This video is the last night of tour before going our separate ways.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi Everyone:

We are thinking about maybe having one of our fans design our next tshirt.
In the past we have had many fans bring us amazing drawings and artwork. We are thinking about possibly mass producing one of these artworks as our next tshirt.

We have decided to have a tshirt contest. If you would like to submit your design for our next tshirt then please do so. The tshirt can or does not have to be this album oriented. The tshirt can include our name or doesn't have to.
So if you think that you might have our next tshirt design at the tip of your pencil please send a high quality image to

The winner of the contest will be able to see their design mass produced and on people throughout the world. We will also give you a box of signed Willowz merchandise.

Let the tshirt designing begin!!!

The Willowz

Sunday, December 06, 2009


The year is coming to a close, and the world approaches the ever futuristic sounding year 2010. With the decade in its closing stages, a strange and disjointed musical era comes to an end, but not before Exploding In Sound returns with the biggest and most triumphant compilation yet… CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. Like the organ system that spreads nutrients our bodies can’t live without, helping fight disease, Exploding In Sound aims to do similar for your musical distribution network with the fourth installment of its acclaimed series. Through the nineteen track Circulatory System compilation, I aim to spread great new music to everyone interested in helping fight the disease that is tired old generic rock. It’s with the spreading of the compilation that we can combat the toxins being force fed to us with truly incredible new music that will prove beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. Featuring new music from some of the greatest independent bands in the world including The Willowz, Rishloo, Constants, Radio Moscow, Irepress, Stomacher, The Boxing Lesson, and many more, Circulatory System is a 100% FREE digital download, containing artwork, band descriptions, links for further enjoyment, and more. With a release date strategically following in the wake of Thanksgiving weekend, I am enormously thankful and humbly gracious for everyone who has helped put this record together, especially the bands, their labels, and management. Without the willingness and cooperation of these incredible artists none of this would be possible, and your cooperation is appreciated and never forgotten. To the fans of the site, thanks for your continued support and I know you'll enjoy what I truly believe to be the most spectacular compilation yet! As always, support the artists and great music will continue to be made. Thanks.

Sharing of the download link is HIGHLY recommended and encouraged to anyone and everyone you think might be interested. As this is a FREE compilation, the goal is to gain the maximum audience achievable, and the power of word of mouth is never underestimated. THE TIME TO LET THE ‘CIRCULATORY SYSTEM’ FLOW HAS ARRIVED… GET OUT THERE AND DOWNLOAD, SHARE, POST, and SPREAD the word to everyone you know. Great music is being made, and it’s up to us, the fans, to deliver it to as many willing listeners as possible. ENJOY!

Special thanks go out to all of the bands, Zachary Howard for his incredible artwork, Ty Griffin (, Lindsay and Joel at The Mylene Sheath, Ben Gram, Craig Cirinelli, Mary Ghaffari, Larry Suglio, Ryan Cano (The Loyalty Firm), Casey Tipton, Alex Mohler, Tony Pennington, Jenny Tuite, Ridd Sorenson, Pete at Ernest Jenning Record Co, my family, friends, and everyone who is supporting the cause. We're only getting started.

- Dan Goldin / Exploding In Sound

Tracklisting and Artist Information:

1. Radio Moscow – I Just Don’t Know (from the album Brain Cycles)

Storming out from Story City, Iowa, Radio Moscow have been making an impressive name for themselves over the past few years with their raucous amalgamation of blues, garage, and stoner rock that shines pure and uncompromising. While comparisons to a heavier version of The Black Keys are inevitable, not too shockingly the band was first “discovered” by The Keys’ Dan Auerbach who produced their debut album. Radio Moscow has made an enormous leap since their debut, with their most recent offering Brain Cycles, a fuzzy, psychedelic, time shifting, jam inducing, freak-out.


2. The Willowz – Repetition (from the album Everyone)

The Willowz have been making great garage inspired alternative rock since the beginning of the decade, with each new record exceeding the previous. As the band ages, so do their musical influences, incorporating elements of blues, soul, Americana, punk, and grunge into a uniquely catchy sonic assault. Richie James Follin (singer/guitarist) oozes with a confident swagger in his voice, and the Willowz eclectic style exudes a raw coolness that can’t be manufactured. Their new album Everyone, a set of ten infectious tracks that will emblaze themselves in your memory, is now available digitally, and will be in stores December 15th.


If you just can’t get enough of these guys (and I know I can’t) be sure to check out Richie and Loren’s (drums) further musical output as Barracks. Their self-titled debut album is available for FREE download HERE!! Similar to their music with The Willowz, Barracks sound is heavier and far more psychedelic. The riffs are explosive and the rhythms pounding with a strong 90’s grunge tonal quality. Be sure to check this out!

3. Ultra Violent Lights – In Lieu of Pay (from the album Here in Filth)

The time to take notice has arrived, Ultra Violent Lights’ debut record is available everywhere, and has been restoring faith in mainstream rock with each new listener. The loaded overdriven guitars, pulsating hypnotic bass, and razor sharp drumming expertly slink through moody shoegaze, new wave, and alternative rock influences similar to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Stylish, filled with memorable hooks, accessible, and yet exceptionally loaded with artistic integrity, Here In Filth, should help make a name for the young band that one can only hope will be around for many years to come.


4. Woolgather – Wind-Up Bird (from the album Programmes: Vol. I - The Pleasure Principle)

Austin, TX has become the ultimate breeding ground for incredible new rock bands, and Woolgather may just be one of the brightest. Their progressive song structures find room for inescapable melodic beauty, crushing layered heaviness, and stunning vocals and lyrics from the extraordinary Casey Tipton. Combining the complex with the gentle, Woolgather’s dark passion is driven by expansive guitar compositions infused with gorgeous pianos and skillfully shifting rhythms. Serene and haunting beauty is never far on their debut, Programmes: Vol I, an album that sits very comfortably alongside progressive art rock luminaries such as Dredg and Wintersleep.


5. Stomacher – Police (from the album Sentimental Education)

San Francisco’s Stomacher built up a strong and loyal following as In Reverent Fear before changing their name, and fine tuning their dark and elegant sound. Their “debut” under the new moniker, Sentimental Education, is the band’s undeniable masterpiece, a stunning collection of beautiful foggy atmosphere and delicate soaring melodies. Massive ocean-sized waves of reverb and delay wash over the guitars, mixing with passionate vocals that would make Thom Yorke jealous, for a simply jaw dropping sound that is equally rich in its artistry as pop sensibility. The big grooving rhythms guide the new wave/post-rock influenced quintet, as Stomacher has created a timeless record that demands repeat listens.


6. The Boxing Lesson – Muerta (from the album Wild Streaks & Windy Days)

Austin’s The Boxing Lesson without a doubt create some of the most epic space rock performed today. Calling back to the glory days of Pink Floyd, the band draw from a wealth of genres including space, progressive, art, indie, and ambient rock, all merged together by their infatuation with swirling moog synthesizers and experimental electronic layering. Since their debut full length, the band has become a duo, due to the unjust incarceration of their drummer Jake Mitchell, arrested for growing marijuana and charged under the Patriot Act as a terrorist. The Boxing Lesson push onwards, readying an EP and full length release for 2010 with the help of their manager, Ryan Cano (The Loyalty Firm), and the support of a rapidly growing fan-base. FREE JAKE MITCHELL.


7. Gift Horse – Missionaries (previously unreleased)

Since the very first note I ever heard Gift Horse play, I knew I was a fan for life. The Athens, Georgia quartet offers an unbelievable mix of 90’s indie rock, grunge, and shoegaze for a sound that honors its influences, but roars with originality. The band’s style can be equally attributed to a love for My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr., with wall of sound blasts of noise riding side by side with carefully constructed melodies and honest hazy vocals. With an exciting year that saw the band storming SXSW to wide-spread praise and touring with the Meat Puppets and Dead Confederate coming to an end, Gift Horse prepare for an even bigger 2010. Their debut album will be released in February, while preparing to head out on a full scale national tour shortly after.

8. Tangents – Fall Asleep Again (from the upcoming album One Little Light Year)

Lush and melodic, seductive and experimental, organic and alternative... Tangents is not what you may expect from a duo containing Derek Kerswill (Unearth/Seemless), but it’s the strengths of singer/guitarist Dave Witham (Flat 12/Of The Hour) that makes this project soar in the vein of Jeff Buckley, As Tall As Lions, or even Radiohead. Witham’s magnificent voice rises over the spiraling sonic backdrop with dazzling control and splendor. Ambitious songwriting creates the catchiest music either musician has released to date, and is sure to turn some heads when the album is released early next year.

9. Constants – Damien (from the album The Foundation/The Machine/The Ascension)

Arguably the best current post rock band in the world, Boston’s Constants offer a crushing rare breed of beauty that pulls its gorgeousness direct from its heaviness. The dense as bricks layering of their The Mylene Sheath debut may very well be one of the best releases of 2009, and for good reason. Constants pummel their songs with monstrous guitar textures that draw from space, prog, art, and especially post-rock. To call these three gents a “power” trio is a vicious understatement, as so much more than sheer power goes into their astonishingly united wall of sound. The time signatures are unique and intricate, the delay effect is vibrant, and most incredibly, the vocal melodies are striking and clear. Progressive post-rock at its absolute finest, Constants deliver equal parts brain and brawn.


10. Bloody Knives – Buried (from the EP Bloody Knives)

When Austin, Texas based shoegaze/grunge band The Joy Bus announced it was breaking up, many people, including myself, were deeply upset by the loss. The fellas didn’t let that last for too long however, as two thirds of the band reemerged as Bloody Knives, a new visceral shoegaze band with a propensity for all encompassing noise blasts and bleeding textures. Preston Maddox’s woozy vocals cut through the rusty storm of guitars, drums, keys, and programming to add contrasting melodic references that will draw you in over and over again. The duo creates a riotous amount of sound, with every nuance carefully placed in the sonic landscape.


11. Rishloo – Downhill (from the album Feathergun)

Seattle, Washington has been in need of a new hometown hero since the decay of the grunge era. If any band is ready to take the city’s musical throne, it’s the mighty, exceedingly creative, and triumphant prog rock champions, Rishloo. Since 2004 the band has been one of the country’s best kept secrets, developing a devout nationwide following while staying underground and true to their visionary music. Beloved for their refusal to compromise, Rishloo have self-released two widely acclaimed albums, and will be releasing the highly anticipated effort Feathergun on December 8th. Never content on repeating their previous work, they continue to push their progressive tendencies ever further with attention to shifting dynamics and rhythms, as well as captivating hypnotic melodies and vocal structures. Signed or unsigned, Rishloo are one of the greatest progressive bands in the country.


12. The Dirty Dishes – Stolen Apples (from the EP In The Clouds)

Buzzing with hype from the local Boston rock scene, The Dirty Dishes have great reason to be excited. Singer/guitarist Jenny Tuite and company play music that can be dreamily ambient one moment and jarringly spastic the next. Their combination of shoegaze, indie electro synth pop, and progressive rhythm structures creates lush whirring backdrops for Tuite’s beautifully slow dripping vocals. Their debut EP, produced by Tuite, Keith Freund of RIBS, and Mike Thomas of SuperVolcano captures the vocals perfectly in the mix, as the band achieves a stunning combination of shoegaze atmospheric gloom and post-punk fury with dreamy pop attitude.


13. Solar Powered People – Melting Ice & Snow (from the album Living Through the Low)

Modesto, California’s space rock collective Solar Powered People hail from the much celebrated school of Failure and Hum influenced bands, adding their own unique take on the subgenre. Strong attention to atmosphere compliments the ringing guitars, floating drifts of layered sound, and expansive walls of effects pedals. The band often pushes itself into a hailstorm of thick guitars, with a sharp rhythm section serving as the backbone; keeping everything in form. Firm yet simple vocals glide through the futuristic arrangements adding catchy sing-a-long melodies that hook into your subconscious and don’t let go.


14. Blind Dog Sky – I’m Comin’ Home (from the album Blind Dog Sky)

The eclectic side project from Satellite Tragedy frontman Ridd Sorenson, Blind Dog Sky takes just about every last thing that was good about the 90’s alternative rock radio and molds it into one genre defying album. What Sorenson may lack in promotional effort, he more than makes up for in his music, whether being influenced by swampy blues, lo-fi slacker grunge, or full blown space rock. Blind Dog Sky demonstrates a clear knowledge of pop music but remains honest and free of the cookie cutter corporate machine. Nothing more than a man with genuine rock songs to sing, Sorenson uses his alter ego as a showcase for his impeccable song writing prowess. Digital copies of the album are available for FREE download HERE!!


15. Blood Warrior – Blood Letting (previously unreleased)

Don’t let the name fool you, Blood Warrior are not a heavy metal band, they’re actually not heavy at all. Spearheaded by Greg Jamie of gothic folk visionaries O’Death, New York’s Blood Warrior draw from the same roots, but with a decidedly more relaxed and psychedelic approach to their music. Old time folk music of the dustbowl era combines with gospel and Americana to create gorgeously dark vocal harmonies, rich acoustic textures, and simple staggering rhythms. The band has been gaining widespread acclaim for their live shows, including a much hyped performance at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. Blood Warrior recently released a limited edition 7”, and will follow up with their debut record on Ernest Jennings Record Co. in 2010.


16. Waxhouse – Ration (previously unreleased)

Hailing from London, Waxhouse are an exceptional new alternative progressive band that should create a big impact in the scene. The band may be young in age, but don’t let that throw you off, their sound is rather mature and tastefully complex. Intricate rhythms coincide with angular guitar flourishes that derive from the same school of thought as Oceansize and Biffy Clyro. Fantastic vocals are what truly set the band apart, and together with their peers in Arcane Roots (another Exploding In Sound favorite), Waxhouse are in no short order for musical talent, ensuring an incredible future lies ahead for the UK quintet. The band will be releasing their debut EP early 2010.

17. Monument To No One – Planetary (from the album Monument To No One)

I’m not sure what it is about Austin, Texas that screams “space rock,” but Monument To No One are the latest band from the prestigious city to burst out on the scene. On their self titled debut, the quartet show their penchant for endlessly walloping guitar feedback and distortion, sharp precision snare work, and hypnotic warping grooves. The guitars shimmer off each other through lengthy compositions, proving Monument To No One’s flair for mind expanding psychedelic exploration that sets them apart from the pack. Their music is raw and corrosive, with treacherous riffs and battering drum fills that drift into another dimension.


18. Emptyself – Just Go On (previously unreleased)

Emptyself is the solo project from the elusive Cire frontman/mastermind Eric Johanson. Originally creating music from his native New Orleans, Johanson relocated after Hurricane Katrina took all he knew to Auckland, New Zealand. His music is incredibly personal and heartfelt, even with much digital manipulation there is still a driving human emotion always present. His voice is powerful and stunning, often reminiscent of Maynard James Keenan, without merely being a cheap imitation. Haunting and steeped in bleakness, Emptyself creates electronic sonic landscapes for his vital and potent vocals to sprawl over undisturbed.


19. Irepress – Adeluge (from the album Sol Eye Sea I)

The epic nature of Boston’s Irepress can best be described as monolithic. The band craft wildly shifting (primarily) instrumental progressive post-rock that delves through multiple genres within single songs, but always remains focused on their unwavering talent and attention to detail. Time signatures are maligned and contorted with their snarling contusion of hardcore, metal, and avant-garde jazz exploration. Sprawling works of art circle around thematic tension and release, consistently building while fluctuating tempos and reverberating guitars pour continuously forward. Irepress have built a solid foundation over the years, and prove to be one of Boston’s hardest working and most intelligent rock bands, looking forward to 2010 with new guitarist Ben Gram (Eroica) joining the ranks and new music in the works.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oh No Not Boston!!!

Oh No! Please don't cancel our show in Boston!
They did.
It is out of our control and we are not going to be allowed to play on December 14th or December 18th. We are sad about this because we were going to play with the Wanda's ...a band we love. Not to mention Boston has the best writers, bloggers and people ever. If you feel so inclined and really want to see us please come to our Providence show. If you can't make it to Providence then we will see you in Boston early next year. We have been promised by our agent that he will make Boston a priority.
We are truly sorry for the cancellation.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lyrics to Repetition

Just so we are on the same page.
Our record came out digitally on itunes last Tuesday.
You can get it right here
There is controversy over our lyrics in Repetition. We are not singing what you think we are singing. We do not sing,"we got no beef with Repeition", although those lyrics are brilliant that is not what we are saying. Our song says, " I got no beat with Repetition". You see the song is about Ted and his "Gold Boys", ( his orange drums).

This song is very simple it's about not having a beat with Repetition. It is not ironic ...we are not having a beef with Repetition we simply don't have a beat with Repetition.

I hope this clears this up for everyone and if you have any lyrical questions please feel free to ask, that's what we are here for.