Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is the real Willowz cover????

We don't know anymore.
It took our record so long to come out that the real artwork disappeared and has been bastardized so many times that we don't know what the real artwork is.
We can't show you the original artwork because it does not reproduce digitally because it is not a traditional pantone color. We originally had an all white album cover with Willowz in gold leafing.
Our album is only out digitally today. The physical release is December 15th so we will wait to see what the cover actually looks like. The gold leafing was vetoed along time ago so we don't have any idea what will appear in stores by physical release date.
So far we have had a Robert Longo designed cover that was shot down by the label. Then we moved into an all white with gold leaf logo that was approved by label. Then secondary label shot down the gold leaf. Some how along the way someone created a cover that had a dent in one of the L's. That is not our record cover. Our record cover is lost in space. Just know that if you go to itunes and download a Willowz album under the name of Everyone you are going to have our new album and that is all you can really ask for in these days of the crumbling music industry.
We are really happy with our album. So please go to itunes and get the goods!
Love Willowz

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