Monday, February 23, 2009

Well the weekend has come and gone. We had our friends Delta Spirit and Dawes in town.
We fought good hard and long over what our album cover will be. We tried to book our hotel rooms for sxsw and we ate beef jerky. We went to Cory Kennedy's party. Some old dudes thought that we looked like Jesus, Peter and Paul. We thought that was pretty funny. After announcing that we looked quite holy they wanted to dress us up in girls clothes. Jessica is starting to hang around with the metal kids in Brooklyn. Kaylie is putting together the making of video. PaPa played last night and we are going to do some shows with them on the East Coast coming up. For any Dios fans out there we are hoping that JP will be joining us on stage for our sxsw shows. It's always a good night when we have a member of Dios on stage with us. We like snow photos.
We love February lighting.