Saturday, February 07, 2009


We just finished recording our 4th studio album with Stuart Sikes. It is in the can now and we are waiting to do what ever it is we are supposed to do while we are waiting for our record to come out.
Richie has recorded a solo album which is coming out April 7th, which he is self-releasing and selling through his website and itunes.
Jessica is trying to finish her album but Richie keeps trying to convince her to add more instruments to her album. Jessica will also be self releasing her record. We don't have a date for Jessica. It will be finished when she says it's finished.
Richie and Loren, (Ted) just finished the Barracks album with their friend Eve.
It is really good. We will give you more info as we are made aware.
Will is busy working on his homework. He is trying to solve the credit crisis in America and in the Willowz.
Anyway our new record is our favorite record to date. We are very happy with it.
We will keep you posted.
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gonedeafbebacklater said...

Get that new album already!
At least let us hear 1 song.