Saturday, November 07, 2009


11/17/2009 8:00 PM at RECORD RELEASE PARTY!!! Willowz DJ set at Home Sweet Home.
131 Chrystie St, Manhattan, New York 10002
Cost: free

Home Sweet Home, this is where we are doing our record release party for our new album, Everyone. We are not playing a "record release" party. We are djing our record and other music that we like. This is our 4th release. We didn't have a record release party for our first album. We had a record release party for our second album, Talk In Circles. That was a really fun record release party although alot of people were disappointed that we had added a fourth member. We also had a dvd release party for our dvd, See In Squares. We had a dvd release party more for the directors than for ourselves. We just lent our music to a 27 visual geniuses and let them do what they wanted to do with our music. This was a night for all the people that worked on the biggest project we have ever attempted and actually pulled off. Chautauqua we had a record release party at Cinespace with the Horrors and Vietnam. That was really fun although Aric smashed a few bottles in the backroom and scared the Horrors. To this day they are still afraid of us. It really wasn't that big of a deal but they are proper Englishmen and we were just kids with a wild guitar player. We are in the age of polite music, polite rock n roll.
In any event our event for our record is going to be a dj party. We are going to be at Home Sweet Home in New York Djing our record not playing our record. It is free and we would love to have all and any of you come and spend the evening with us. It is sure to be a great time. We are happy to DJ our record that almost didn't come out and hopefully will come out on November 17th. We thank Paul Kostabi and Stuart Sikes for making this record possible.

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