Wednesday, November 11, 2009

7 More Days

It's been a long wait for our record to come out. We finished recording our album last February 1st. We think the album is coming out next Tuesday November 17th. We firmly believe that our album will be available digitally on Tuesday November 17th. We have been informed that there is a "delay" on our physical release and it won't appear in stores until December 17th; right in time for all you last minute holiday seasonal shoppers. We are happy to see this album come out in any way shape or form. We feel Everyone is our best album to date. We are hoping everyone will be able to find our album on itunes or amazon next week. If not let us know and will try to direct you to the right place.

We are also planning a very short tour in December with a few select cities so please so please pay attention or you will miss the dates. We will post our new dates as soon as they let us in on when and where we are playing.

The interesting thing about the music industry is that you have absolutely no control over your life. We are going to refrain from complaining about the music industry or lack of music industry until our next blog.

We would also like to bring to everyone's attention how amazing the trees are in Central Park at this time of year. If you get a chance to sneak onto a roof top at Central Park South and see the autumn blaze of color it is well worth it. You can also sneak onto any roof on Central Park West but it may not have the same rolling effect as a spot on CPS. This gives us the same feeling as some people get from fireworks.

The Willowz

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