Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thinking outloud

We started The Willowz in 2002 or something like that maybe 2003- who remembers because when you spend your whole life touring one day goes into the next and one month goes into the next and the years start rolling into one long year. Even though we are still technically kids we are not really. Because rock n roll years measure differently then normal peoples years. So we are actually older than the other people our age. We are actually older than the rock n rollers that are our age. We were on the cusp of when playing music was still playing music to play music and when playing music became something different. When we first started playing music everyone told us to drop out of school and tour. We dropped out of college to play music and tour. We didn't realize that the whole music industry was going to shut down. We didn't realize that all the magazines would fold. The new rockers of today that are our age stayed in school got their degrees and are now playing music. We skipped college dropped out of school and toured relentlessly for 5 years. Are we any better for it? No! Now to play music you have to have a college education preferably an ivy league education. We grew up in music families. Being from a music family is like belonging to the circus. You travel from town to town and everyone in your family is a freak. Don't get us wrong we are happy to have had the backgrounds we have and we love to play music. We are song people and that's what we do.