Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ted (Loren) Ted cut off all his hair

So........around 6:43am last night i was woken up by someone falling over their bed next to me. it's Ted. but something is different about Ted, what could it be?......he turns the lights on and BAM! his hair is braided. it's still braided and it gave me nightmares. not kidding. I had a dream that I was in a town in Vietnam and there were loads of kids hunting me. i was goin vigilante on their asses though. breakin arms and bustin caps. then I got on a darjeeling limited type train that broke down and all the child murdering fun started again. compound fractures all over the damn place. I'm sorry to anyone who read this hoping it was Willowz related and not just my weird post wake up rambling but I think it's important for anyone to know that if you braid your hair it will give your friends nightmares.
enjoy xoxo


gonedeafbebacklater said...

It is disturbing to think of that dude wearing braids. eeeesssshhhh!

Anonymous said...

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