Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Willowz on Tour April 2010

We are on a 30 day tour around America. We have not done a long 30 day tour since last summer when we toured with the Toadies which was the best tour we have ever done.
We are out here pounding the pavement in support of our new record, "Everyone".
Our album came out digitally in November and then our label released the CD one month later in December.
Yes we think that this is a weird way of doing things also. We released our album digitally in November which is the absolute worse time to release an album unless of course it is December which is when we released our CD. We did a couple of dates with our friends Delta Spirit and a small 1 week tour on our own. There is not a lot of touring going on at Christmas time but our mini tour was fun. Our guitar player could not tour with us so our friend James came out on the road with was fun.
So here we are out touring America. We have so far hit Chicago, St. Louis, and Memphis. Three of the best cities in America. We would like to say thanks to all the great fans that have come out to support us at these shows. It means so much to us. It was really great to see all our old friends in Memphis. We had people at this show from back when we used to play Murphys.
We have many dates coming up and we look forward to seeing all of our old friends and fans at the shows and we look forward to hopefully seeing lots of new faces.

Love The Willowz