Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Oct 6 Oct 22 Nov10 Nov17

What do these dates all have in common? Each of these dates have been our official release date. We the Willowz do firmly believe that our record is actually coming out on November 17th. Our record company has had to move our release date several times for several various reasons beyond their control. We were told along time ago about a syndrome called "Indie Hell". We were warned about this "Indie Hell" before we ever put out our first record. We experienced this syndrome a little bit on our first record back in 2004 but this is different. Our first record on Dionysus took an extra year to come out but that was really our choice. We couldn't make up our mind as to sign with a big label or keep the publishing and go with the small label. We kept our publishing and went with the small label which was a good choice. We believe that we could be in "indie hell". Sometimes you just get lost in the black hole. If you have never felt what this feels like you can imagine it if you close your eyes and imagine the tornado scene from the Wizard Of Oz. We are going with the flow and just assuming this is part of the whole record industry falling apartthat we keep reading about in the papers. It is actually kind of fun. We love Steve Aoki, Dim Mak Records and everyone that is working so hard for our record and to keep this industry alive.
Anyway we believe our record will be in the stores November 17th.You can download our single at RCRD LBL Also please look for our track on the new Tony Hawk Rides. This video game will have a motion sensing skateboard.