Friday, September 25, 2009

Life Is Good

We tour and we tour for long periods of time. We toured for 6 years without even having a booking agent. We actually had a really cool booking agent in the early years. His name was Jason Cotter and he worked for Toast. Things went south when we took him on for a spring tour as our tour manager. That was a really bad move because no matter what we always end up destroying our tour managers. By the time we finish with our tour managers they are just shells of their former selves. Jason didn't book us for much longer after that tour. Anyway we are getting off track here. We tour for long periods of time and this photo of Will represents our last day of one of our very long tours. Our tour manager had finally had enough of us and the last day of tour he tried to take out our guitar player with another stop at Arby's. Will became incredibly sick and was vomiting all night. This was a drag because it was our last night of tour and Will was excited to go to the strippers club in Atlanta. Will was sick but he wasn't about to miss the Clerment lounge with the 72 year old strippers. That night got a little rough. Our tour manager tried to take out our drummer and manager by dropping them off at a crack hotel connected to the strip club. Anyway that is for a different blog. This blog is to focus on what is going on in this photo. Will has recovered from this tour and this trip to Arby’s. He has even been on one more tour since this tour without even one trip to Arby’s. Will is back in school and studying French at a very nice school in New York City. Will lives in Brooklyn and rides his skateboard up and down the streets of Williamsburg frequently running into Jessica hipstering around town. Will eats organic food when he gets the chance. Life is good.