Thursday, November 29, 2007


All our shows have been going great and most of them have been sold out.
We are the Fury joined us a few days back.
We kidnapped the Golden Dogs drummer and we are holding him for ransom.
Our tour manager Travis has developed Narcolepsy and falls asleep at a moments notice, as illustrated below.

Monday, November 26, 2007

We got to the club early so we had time to sound check and get a bite to
eat at panera bakery. Electric six ate there too. Richie was
dissapointed because he ordered broccoli cheese soup instead of clam
chowder. Aric also felt the same about his clam chowder, so they traded
Richie threw an apple at ted. The show was really great, I was
really sad to see the golden dogs play their last show on this tour.
Three of the golden dogs got up on stage with us on the end of our set
for our james brown cover. I ended up with beer all over my face
because when I was bent over backwards stuart poured beer in my mouth,
but it went up my nose so I spit it everywhere.
After the show all three bands took a group photo. And there were a
couple throws of dice in the corner.
And with all said and done, we now got an extra drummer for a little
bit. Good ol' taylor from the golden dogs.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


The tour has been going great. Electric Six is a great band and the Golden Dogs are amazing.
We spent our Thanksgiving at Ted's family's house. They put us up on our previous tour in Florida. The shows have been going great. This tour has been a lot of fun with no drama. All of the bands get along so well that we couldn't make drama if we tried. Electric Six had Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel, we were with Ted's family's and we don't know where the Golden Dogs went but they are Canadian anyways.
The Golden Dogs drop off the tour after tonights show and we will be joined by a band called We Are the Fury.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last night we played Philly which is one of our favorite cities to play. It was the first night of tour and it was great to see all of our fans at the show. Philly is a great place to play because it is one city that really loves music. Richie didn't get kicked out of the Khyber this time around which was great. We were really happy to meet up with a great band from Canada, the Golden Dogs. Electric Six was great as usual. Our merch dude was a no show so hopefully he will hop on board today.
Today We will be at the Middle East. We love Cambridge. One of our favorite bloggers always come to our shows in this great city. Ryan's Smashing Life!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


It's Saturday and we have just left for our first show with Electric Six which is in Philadelphia on Tuesday November 13th at the Khyber. We are driving straight through, our first rest is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jessica is in Detroit and is going to meet us at the show. We have a new merch guy, Kristopher Massey. We are happy to be back on the road and are happy to be playing with one of our favorite bands Electric Six and our new favorite band the Golden Dogs. We are a little nervous because the Golden Dogs want to share equipment so that the change over between sets will be easier and quicker. Their manager called our manager and our manager was to scared to tell their manager that Aric smashes everyone's equipment so she had to dance around the subject- hopefully all will work out. Who knows maybe Aric will stop smashing equipment on this tour. We hope so, especially since we don't have any more equipment for him to destroy. Anyway we are back out on the road and hope you all can come out to see our show. We have been working on our new album so we might be playing some new tunes as well. We also want to thank everyone that has helped promote the upcoming shows and put up posters for us.
Love Willowz