Sunday, May 17, 2009

Live footage from our shows with the Toadies

The Toadies shows have been going great and we are having a great time touring with these dudes. If you have not had a chance to see these guys then get out and see them, you will not be sorry. Clark from the Toadies shot some footage of us at the Ruston LA. show.
We have been to several cities so far on this tour. We started at Stubbs in Austin which was awesome. We always love to play Stubbs- is there any venue better in America? If so let us know so we can play there. Day two we were in Corpus Christi which was really cool, we have never played Corpus Christi and didn't know what we were missing. These people really love rock n roll so if you haven't been there pack up the kids and plan a weekend in Corpus Christi.
Day three we went back to Austin to stop by Trailer Space Records to play a quick set and eat BBQ made my Pee Wee. Thanks all to came out to see us we had a blast. Day Four was cool because we made it up to Oklahoma City which everyone knows is our favorite city in all of the states. We were excited to see our two favorite people in the world- Jake and Kellan. Following Oklahoma we went down to Ruston La. We ate some of the best Rib Eye known to man. The next night we spent in Shreveport. Perhaps this was the funnest night of the tour. After we played we had a night of Fussball with the Toadies. We followed up Shreveport with Tyler Texas. This show was sold out also and alot of fun. We went swimming at Todd's cousins house after Loren ate some cookies. Tyler was great fun- Travis made a bbq after the show on top of our van. It was cool. We are now on our way to Des Moines. Could be a fun show. We have been going to Des Moines for years and love it!