Monday, September 21, 2009


We are thinking about playing CMJ since we will be in New York City.
We prefer to usually sit this one out. SXSW is always fun to play but for some reason CMJ always feels so clinical. CMJ just doesn't work, it lacks the vibe of SXSW. SXSW is Disneyland for the music industry and for the bands. CMJ is too spread out to really be fun. We had one good showcase which was pretty fun when we played with Mooney Suzuki at Rebel. That was a good showcase. The other years they stuck us out at South Paw to fend for ourselves. We are putting together our own festival over Thanksgiving weekend in New York called The Hex Fest. Actually Richie is putting together the festival. It is an ambitious task he has taken on but we think it is going to be really cool. The festival will involve 3 clubs on the lower and lots of nice people we have met over the years in the music industry. Festivals should be festive. Some of the best shows ever have been put on over Thanksgiving weekend such as The Last Waltz. We are going to think of the Hex Fest as the First Waltz.