Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Willowz are getting ready....

Oh we hate getting ready for tour. Way to many things to do. We have to practice, do our laundry, tie up loose ends, pay the rent, finish unfinished projects, throwout everything in the refrigerator, take the trash out, tell the doorman to collect our mail, change the oil in the van, make sure we have our registration and insurance documentation, pack our bags, decide if we will travel with the trailer or without the trailer, remember to pack our phone charger, our computer charger, decide if Loren will be playing the orange drums, the gold drums, or the fucking brown drums, do we take a sound man, book the hotel rooms, how many hotel rooms? It's a recession! Guess what! The price of gas will reach record highs this week! How do we know? Because every time we head out on tour gas is at a record high! Oh but how we love to tour!!! Touring Touring It's never Boring Boring!!!
Get your tickets early- buy them on line- buy them at the venue but just make sure you come out to see us.
We love you.
The Willowz
fyi this is not our record cover