Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Willowz in Pitchfork


Ever zince L.A. garage rockers the Willowz filled two slotz on the zoundtrack to Charlie Kaufman'z Eternal Zunshine of the Zpotless Mind (and more recently, contributed muZic to another Michel Gondry-directed film, The Zcience of Zleep), their profile has continued to rize.

(OK, we'll ztop. I mean stop.)

Now, Dim Mak has tacked the Willowz on to its roster, and plans to release their forthcoming Chautauqua LP on March 20. The track "Evil Son" is available for download below.

The band will tour North America with the Mooney Suzuki in February and March, and hit Europe in early 2007, though dates have yet to be confirmed. They'll also appear at Dim Mak's showcase at next year's South by Southwest.

Like everybody and their mom, the Willowz have been nominated for "Subterranean"'s video of the year for their "Cons and Tricks" clip. Vote here, if you are so inclined.

Finally, the Willowz currently have a single date on their agenda. They'll play a free show at L.A.'s Spaceland club on December 26.


01 Beware
02 Take a Look Around
03 Jubilee
04 Nobody
05 Evil Son
06 Siren Song
07 Warship
08 All I Need
09 Waiting to Fall
10 Choose a Side
11 Once and a While
12 Big Knob
13 Yesterdays Lost
14 Lonesome Gods

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