Sunday, February 11, 2007


"I lost my mind now in a game and I found it hard now to pretend..."
Which is a line from a song by The Willowz I'm listening to and reminds me of a movie I saw last night called The Devil and Daniel Johnston. The documentary accounts for Daniel Johnston, a singer-songwriter from West Virginia who rose to a strikingly pronounced fame with his debut masterpiece he created on a weight bench in his brother's garage while working at McDonald's in Austin, Texas. Deemed a genius by most circles in the Austin rock scene of 1983 and by most in years to follow, he stepped onto MTV led by an inertia that seemed to carry him from peak to pit throughout most of his life. Flying under and off the radar and into a tree, (literally after he threw the keys the cockpit of his father's small plane and they spiraled into a wood) he's gone in and out of treatment for most of his life. Burdened with an intense gift for visual art and music and coinciding mental illness, Johnston channels these thoughts, visions, fears, paranoia, and essentially schizophrenia into the beauty that only travellers on the fringes of reality can witness. I highly recommend seeing this documentary. It paints a realistic and beautiful picture of Daniel Johnston and the people who love him.

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