Monday, November 26, 2007

We got to the club early so we had time to sound check and get a bite to
eat at panera bakery. Electric six ate there too. Richie was
dissapointed because he ordered broccoli cheese soup instead of clam
chowder. Aric also felt the same about his clam chowder, so they traded
Richie threw an apple at ted. The show was really great, I was
really sad to see the golden dogs play their last show on this tour.
Three of the golden dogs got up on stage with us on the end of our set
for our james brown cover. I ended up with beer all over my face
because when I was bent over backwards stuart poured beer in my mouth,
but it went up my nose so I spit it everywhere.
After the show all three bands took a group photo. And there were a
couple throws of dice in the corner.
And with all said and done, we now got an extra drummer for a little
bit. Good ol' taylor from the golden dogs.

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