Thursday, January 25, 2007


5 OUT OF 5

Album: Chautauqua
Label: Dim Mak Records
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 3/20/07
Posted: 01/12/2007
By: Jason Kordich
After one EP(The Willowz) and two LPs(Are Coming, Talk in Circles), the Willowz(Richie Follin, Jessica Reynoza, Aric Bohn, Ted Humphrey) have returned with one of the most impressive releases to come out thus far in 07. Continuing to channel the blues, rock, and soul of the 60’s and 70’s, the Willowz approach, although the antithesis of the minimalist framework of the White Stripes, maintains a similar sonic quality. Whether they are playing loud and raucous or twangy and soulful, this foursome from Anaheim, CA on Chautauqua has raised their song writing to truly legendary heights. Instead of merely creating brilliant displays of guitar work or drum solos(not to say that these areas do not shine on this album), the Willowz have worked long and hard at creating a complete album that will not soon be forgotten. With each song offering a different story told with a different musical approach, Chautauqua is an engaging and desperately needed resuscitation to raw fundamentals of rock in this digitally perfected age. Flawlessly executed, attention grapping, and joy inducing, Chautauqua is a renaissance rock masterpiece.

JIVE Magazine Rating: 5 out of 5

Track Listing: 1)Beware 2)Take a Look Around 3)Jubilee 4)Nobody 5)Evil Son 6)Siren Song 7)Warship 8)All I Need 9)Waiting to Fall 10)Choose a Side 11)Once and A While 12)Big Knob 13)Yesterdays Lost 14)Lonesome Gods

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