Thursday, August 17, 2006


Vegas got cancelled hope you all can make it to the Fuck Yeah Fest tomorrow Friday 18th 9:30

Rec Center:
Modwheelmood.11:00pm 11:30pm
Horse the Band..10:05pm 10:45pm
The Willowz..9:20pm 9:50pm
Issea Sagawa(members of the mean reds)8:50pm 9:05pm (yes, fifteen minutes)
Gayrilla Biscuits.8:15pm 8:35pm
Bad Dudes..7:35pm - 8:00pm
The Po Pos....6:55pm 7:20pm
Sex Eyes. 6:20pm 6:40pm

Fuck Yeah Fest 3
August 18th, 19th & 20th
Echo Park, CA

Curated by Keith Morris of Black Flag and Circle Jerks and Sean Carlson
Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

Friday, August 18th:
The Circle Jerks
The Bronx
400 Blows
Burning Brides
Future Pigeon
The Willowz
Horse the Band
Nudity (members of Tight Bros from way back when and Dub Narcotic Sound System)
Gayrilla Biscuits
Blood Meridian (members of Black Mountain)
The Po Po's
Issiea Saggua
Bad Dudes
Black Fag
Sex Eyes (First show ever! Feature Dan Monick of LIFTER PULLER!!!!)
+many more
doors@ 6:00pm

Saturday, 19th:
Giant Drag
Silversun Pickups
Envy (from Japan. First and only west coast show)
The Thermals
Dios Malos
Darker My Love
Foreign Born
Hit Me Back
Brother Reade
Chuck Ragan
Graf Orlock
The Rolling Blackouts
The Return of Ralph Macchio!!
Whiskey Biscuit
Sleeping People
Strange Boys
Michael Runion
Tod Adrian Wisenbaker
Minor Canon
Life with an Astronaut
Shapes and Sizes
Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
+many more
doors@ 3:00pm

+Saturday night at the Echo presented by Hang the DJs+

August 20th:
Dead Meadow
The Ponys
Erase Errata
Midnight Movies
Gris Gris
Icarus Line
Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower
Partyline (members of Bratmobile)
Wires on Fire
Letson (members of the Mean Reds)
Mika Miko
The Adored
Bobby Birdman
Matt & Kim
The Punks
No Age
Teenage Talking Cars
The Jack Bambis
Stevenson Ranch Dividians
Luke Top
Almighty Do Me a Favor
+many more.
doors@ 3:00pm

+Sunday night presented by the beautiful people that do Part Time Punk+

More stuff that is happening at Fuck Yeah Fest.
*Two huge art exhibits that coincide with the fest.

*Stand up comedy shows that take place every night hosted by local comedian Jonah Ray. Sunday nights comedy show will be hosted by Jonah Ray and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.
*Spoken word sets by some rather crazy/amazing authors.
*a burrito eating competition. Were serious about this.
+much much more.

The locations that are involved with the fest are the Echo, Sea Level Records, The Jensen Rec Center, Downbeat Café, Little Joy + more.

Full schedules and a map to guide you to each venue will be available the day of event. And remember, the cover charge gets you a wrist band that grants you access into all of the venues, given you the option to see a every band.

Plenty of tickets will be available the day of but its recommended that you show up at a decent time cause they may be sold out if you get to the fest at 10:00pm- if that is the case buy a ticket in advance blah blah blah blah. really, all I want to say is that this is going to be a fucking party!

Go to for all the details for the fest.

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